Peach Community Edition

Peach Community

Peach Community Edition is an open source project that focuses on the individual hobbyist or researcher. As an open source project, changes largely consist of bug fixes with lengthy release cycles.  Details about Peach Community Edition as well as the enhanced commercial version of Peach Fuzzer are below.

Peach 3

Peach 2.3

Peach Community Edition v3 – Downloads




x64 debug, release; x86 debug, release


debug, release


x64 debug, release; x86 debug, release

Why Choose The Commercial Version of Peach?

The commercial version of Peach Fuzzer includes extensive retooling of the core fuzzing engine, rewriting of all mutators, and rewriting of most of the fuzzing definitions. These changes set Peach Fuzzer apart from the Peach Community Edition. In addition, Peach Fuzzer has the support of a dedicated development team to provide direction for consistency, bug fixes, enhancements, and timely product releases. Nearly every feature found in Peach Community is present and augmented in Peach Fuzzer. The following highlights identify features and functionality not present in Peach Community:

  • Ease of Use
    • A web-based interface
    • A new command line interface
    • Robust user and developer (for Peach Enterprise users) guide 
    • Professional support and exclusive user forums
  • Functionality
    • The functionality of Peach Fuzzer overshadows that of Peach Community, as evidenced by the extensive collection of Peach Pits, modeling, components, state modeling capabilities, and logging
  • Extensibility
    • Peach Fuzzer is designed for extensibility, and can expand with your fuzzing demands. The following areas are designed to extend Peach Fuzzer for your testing needs—today and tomorrow.
      • Python script support provides an extension portal for fuzzing.
      • Custom Peach Agents can be written in C, C++, C#, and Python
      • SDK includes API documentation and extended examples
      • Custom Fixups, Mutators, Transformers